Our life is an ocean of love made of flowers, which we are happy to share with you.






Nice to meet you! I am Katerina, the founder of the flower studio FIORIGRAPHIA. Creating a studio, I wanted to realize several dreams at once, which eventually found their realization. Now FIORIGRAPHIA is a place of beautiful ideas, a decor and wedding floristry studio, as well as a place of knowledge and creativity. Wedding decoration occupies a special place for us, it is always a very reverent event, because each of your weddings becomes ours. We strive to combine your wishes and our own ideas into one single picture, making your day to be unique, giving it individuality. We help to define the style of the wedding, think through every detail so that you remember your day as the most beautiful and atmospheric.


We are also happy to share our experience, so once a season we hold creative flowers workshops, where everyone gathers to learn and have an interesting time.

Our services also include the delivery of bouquets, for ordering you just need to write to us by mail.


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